Area Halloween contests scare up some winners


Here are costume contest results for local communities that were provided to the Sentinel-Tribune. They
are listed first, second and third place.
Stony Ridge
The annual Halloween party was held Oct. 31 at the park.
Youngest: Emmilee Cordero
Oldest: Maxine Haas
TV personality: Kody Elliott, Cole and Blake Pawlowski and Nathan Pustay
Nursery rhyme: Helena Cordero, Caleb Kyer and Kyleigh Bickelhaupt
Witches: Hannah Limes, Shelby Stock and Kayla Torres
Prettiest: Brittany Broadstock, Sam Sibbersen and Sophie Goble
Funniest: Makai Losey, Rebekkah Schober and Trent Waters and Joey Leffler
Scariest: Sami Glanzman, Ian McVicker and Robert Hilt
Patriotic: Dylan Frankforther, Elisa Cordero and Christian Cordero
Most original: Angelina Brough, Sarah English and Loralye Decoursey
Hand-crafted: Wade McVicker, Hannah Duty and Olivia Newsome
Judge’s choice: Audrey Bembenek, Deborah Decoursey and Tiana Cordero
Judges were Amy Shufeldt, Marie Hornack and Katie Cauley.
Most unusual: Drew Vollmar, Mitchell Niklewski and Corrine Rizziello
Most original: Claire and Ian Wallace, Cama Heckler, Jordan Rizziello
Best on wheels: Alexis Etchie, Aidan Hoile and Abby Woessner
Best science fiction character: Caden Martinez-Buehrer
Best Halloween character: Jake Heckerman and Olivia Woessner
Best historical character: Jerrod Crozier
Best animal/nature character: Blake Johnson, Dave Mears and Carly Etchie
Best movie/TV character: Elijah Hoile, Brandon Hoile and Allie Meek
Most horrifying: Xavier Hackler and Aaron Hackler
Best witch: Emma Meek
Prettiest: Marly Mitchell, Journey Moore and Jessica Myers
Best group: Nicholas Close
The winners of the pumpkin contest were:
Age 6 and under: Chole Downs and Emma Downs
Age 7 and older: Anna Becker and Xavier Hackler.

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