To the Editor: Lake Twp. police chief praised


Responding to Alice Lusher, I am not a Lake Township resident, however I am a 20-year employee with the
Lake Township Police Department, been through five police chiefs, and I have sat quiet long enough. I
have become frustrated with the comments made about the best police chief Lake Township Trustees hired
six years ago. Lusher is on the outside looking in, so hopefully I can set her straight.
Creating the administrative Assistant position from the Lake Township Trustees has saved the township
thousands of dollars! When a legal opinion is needed, it makes economical sense to seek out the
leadership and guidance from the police chief than to pay $100 per hour for legal counsel. Chief Mark
Hummer could not be paid enough for his intelligence, professionalism, and strong will to help people.

Lake Township does have a zoning inspector, however he is part-time. If a township resident has a
question or needs zoning paperwork completed and it happens to fall on the day the zoning inspector is
not working, that Lake Township taxpayer has the option to get the job completed because the police
Chief will take care of the issue! And that’s without any additional money paid to the police chief! So
Alice, in my 20 years, the last six years have been the most efficient in terms of avoiding unnecessary
expenditure of time or energy!
Jeanne Rogacki
Holland, Ohio

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