Organizations: 11-04


Master Alpha Zeta
The chapter met Oct. 22 at the home of Rose Emmerich. Ten members answered roll call by listing their
favorite type of Halloween candy.
President Colleen Smith presided over the business meeting. She remarked on how nice rituals were. A
discussion was held regarding how pins should be placed on members’ badges and at which occasions pins
are appropriate.
Seven members enjoyed the afternoon sponsored by Xi Gamma Kappa. The theme was Medieval times, including
knights and maidens in costume. The group served a typical Medieval meal, followed by songs of the
period and demonstrations of fencing.
Marilyn Glenn has received the tickets for Nov. 7. Members will attend the Pemberville Opera House boogie
woogie jazz performance, and should arrive by 7 p.m. to e seated.
Emmerich gave her program, a floral workshop. She instructed the group on making a fall pumpkin
decoration and served an apple dessert.
The next business meeting will be Nov. 5 at the home of Mary Tonjes. The program will be "Herb
Gardens and their Use."
Xi Gamma Kappa
Members of Xi Gamma Kappa chapter of Beta Sigma Phi hosted Exemplar Night on Oct. 25 at the Simpson
Building in Bowling Green.
Members Laura Schultes, Jan Ruffner, Diane Beaverson, Becki Kerr and Sherrie Robinson dressed in Medieval
garb. The local Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) entered those present with ballad singing,
fencing and rapier play, and armored fighting.
Table decorations were of this time period. A Medieval meal of chicken, roasted vegetables, rice, salad
and pear dessert was served by SCA members.
There were 26 Beta Sigma Phi women in attendance.

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