To the Editor: Veterans deserve Issue 1

Shame on the press! Why hasn’t it covered the meat of Issue 1 on the November ballot?
This very important issue will allow the state to sell bonds to provide compensation for veterans who
have served in Afghanistan, Iraq or the Persian Gulf. Veterans of these conflicts would receive $100 for
each month of service up to a maximum of $1,000.
Veterans who served elsewhere during those conflicts would receive $50 per month up to a total of $500.
Family members of those killed in action would receive $5,000 in addition to any other allowable
In the past, Ohio has issued bonds through four separate voter-approved amendments to the state’s
Constitution in order to provide compensation to its veterans of World War I, World War II, Korea and
Unfortunately, if you read the ballot on the Board of Elections Web site, it does not include this
This additional compensation is miniscule in relation to the sacrifice of our military personnel. They
offer their lives to protect our freedom.
On Nov.3, I encourage you to vote. And, I hope that you will show our Ohio veterans your support by
voting for Issue 1. They deserve it!
Judy Hagemann
(Editor’s note: All of the facts in this letter were reported in the Bowling Green League of Women
Voters’ Voters Guide published in the Sentinel-Tribune on Oct. 17.)