To the Editor: Look at areas that got casino gambling


I was surprised at your article, giving laurels to casino gambling. Perhaps we need to look at what has
happened to some of the other areas that voted for and got casino gambling.
The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Gambling ruins lives thus families. Look at who is prompting
casino gambling in Ohio. It invites those of ill repute. It robs children of one or both of their
parents trying to win a dollar.
Casinos bring more violent crime organized and white collar crime. Gambling doesn’t create new wealth, it
simply recycles dollars that families and individual would have spent on food, clothing and other
staples of life. They divert consumer spending from restaurants, theaters, clothing and other small
When you said that it seamed hypocritical with the lottery, race track and bingo gambling. When we voted
for and passed the lottery in this state of Ohio it was with the promise that it would benefit the
schools and that it would not be promoted during the hours when children were watching TV. Now it is
promoted at 7:30 between Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. Also when we carried petitions to increase our
sales tax by 1%, that was all supposed to go to the schools. What makes you believe that this burden
would go to help with education in our Ohio schools.
Look at the areas where there is already casinos, and observe the closed stores the trash and more police
that are needed to police the problems created. You don’t get something for nothing. The gambling money
has to come from somewhere.
I worked through the United Methodist Church in 1996 to defeat river boat gambling that year and it is my
prayer that it will be defeated again this year.
Velma L. Gosden

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