To the Editor: Hold your ground on Issue 3: No means no

Casinos! Proponents have outspent the opposition 5 to 1. The incessant media barrage is the latest
attempt to browbeat detractors into finally relenting and permit full scale gaming. They claim Ohio is
losing obscene amounts of revenue. The state is broke, unemployment is high and bill passage is just the
shot-in-the-arm medicine needed.
Ohio is not self-sufficient in the regard that we produce all goods, foodstuffs and services consumed.
Look at other revenue fleeing the state in the name of commerce.
Leisure activities. Vacations and the like. Are we to believe we should remain within the friendly
confines of our borders? How much annual revenue do we lose here? At last count, quoted figures are
still in the possession of the wage earner and not the state. What we do with the fruits of our labors
is still our decision.
These pleasure palaces were not built with Wall Street profits but with percentages of household budgets.
Colored lights, enticing sounds and fair sky ceiling murals all mesmerize the visitor. Time stands
still. The free lunch is on the next bet. Or surely the one thereafter.
Granted, construction and operation positions would benefit idle workers. But at what cost? It has been
documented that chronic addiction to gambling outweighs the benefits.
If Issue 3 passes, it will be said the people have spoken. They always wanted casinos and now that they
have been totally informed, they know it is in their best interests. Down the road should the results
prove less than stellar, it can be said the people got what they wanted. They should have weighed the
pros and cons.
In either case proponents will be blameless and fortunes will be made and lost.
Wheels are already in motion. Fraternal organizations are non-profit, raising money for charitable
purposes. Amend current legislation to permit them to add to their fundraising. This would provide
revenue to the state coffers without adding to the overhead.
Don’t be swayed by the unceasing advertising. Hold your ground. Imagine what this current advertising
budget could have bought. Let them spend shamelessly for naught. Let them once and for all understand no
means no!
Our vote is our voice. Let’s use it before we lose it.
Jaxon Sebek
Bowling Green