To the Editor: Hollenbaugh will work hard for First Ward

I would like to take this opportunity to encourage people to consider Mark Hollenbaugh when voting on
election day.
I have known Mark since his senior year at Bowling Green High School. He also attended BGSU earning both
an undergraduate degree and a master’s degree. Mark worked hard to pay his way through college,
sometimes working two jobs to support his family.
Since completing his schooling at BGSU he has worked as a teacher at North Baltimore High School where he
has consistently been considered among the very best of the faculty.
Mark’s connection to the city of Bowling Green runs deep. He has lived here for more than three decades.
His parents live here.
His children attend school here. This is his home town. It isn’t very often that we as voters get to cast
our ballots for a candidate we really believe in. This is one of those times. I am certain that if he is
elected to represent the First Ward he’ll work hard and make good choices in service of his community.

Brad Romans
Bowling Green