To the Editor: Endorsement of Bruce Jeffers


I would like to take the opportunity to endorse a very close personal friend to be a member of the
Bowling Green School Board. For almost two decades, I have known Bruce Jeffers to be an upstanding
This engaging person finds it easy to accept and consider diverse ideas and opinions in order to form his
own. While Jeffers is a very talented math teacher, Bruce is also an advocate for finding reasonable
approaches to cost effective measures in education. Sure, we all want lower taxes but this should never
be a means for putting any child’s future in jeopardy.
If knowledge truly is power, then we need to develop measures to make sure our country never falls behind
in its duty to fully educate 21st century citizens. I ask you to please consider Jeffers a strong
candidate for maintaining our wealth of minds. His fairness will show that our sacrifices for learning
need not bankrupt us either economically or intellectually. November will prove our strength of resolve.

Louis Staeble
Bowling Green

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