To the Editor: Heminger endorses Kuhlman, McOmber


For at-large city council, I would encourage all voters to use their two votes to elect Joel Kuhlman and
re-elect Bob McOmber.
Joel is a lifelong resident of this area and represents the future of Bowling Green. Joel worked his way
through law school by juggling part-time jobs and earning scholarships. Now he works in Bowling Green
for Stearns and Hammer. He was elected to the (county) school board where he demonstrated a track record
of protecting taxpayer dollars, advocating the use of technology to improve services, and always seeking
new ways of doing business to make a difference. Joel will be a public servant who never forgets the
people who elected him.
Bob has been an excellent member of council and in many ways, has been the leader of council. He’s an
independent thinker who seeks to find solutions to problems. He’s not afraid to take a position that
will be unpopular with some, if he thinks it’s right and is in the best interest of the people of
Bowling Green. In addition, Bob works well with all council members, regardless of party affiliation.
Finally, during these tough economic times, Bob’s financial background and experience were extremely
valuable. With the city’s budget situation uncertain, it is imperative that Bob remain on city council.
No disrespect to any other candidate running but his experience in this area just can’t be replaced.
Bob and Joel would make an excellent team serving all of Bowling Green. By voting for Joel and Bob, it
will ensure that one Democrat and one Republican are elected to council, something that has worked well
for years and ensures party politics doesn’t creep into city government.
Gordy Heminger
Westfield, Ind.
Former Bowling Green Council Member

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