State releases funds for two Perrysburg sites


State Rep. Randy Gardner (R, Bowling Green) has announced the state Controlling Board’s release of more
than $300,000 benefitting two Wood County landmarks.
The Cultural Facilities Commission, on behalf of the Ohio Historical Society, received approval to
purchase roughly 6.1 acres of land from the City of Perrysburg in the amount of $200,000 to help
preserve the setting and viewshed adjacent to Fort Meigs State Memorial.
"Fort Meigs is a Wood County treasure," Gardner said. "It attracts visitors from around
the world. Anything we can do to help preserve this piece of Wood County history only serves to
strengthen its importance to Northwest Ohio."
Perrysburg had acquired the property for $400,000, demolished the existing structure, covered the cost of
environmental remediation and is selling the land for $250,000. In addition to the state capital funds
released on Monday, the Fort Meigs Cabinet, a local group organized under the auspices of the Ohio
Historical Society, raised $50,000 locally to support this effort.
The Fort Meigs site is covered by an operating agreement between the Ohio Historical Society and the
Cultural Facilities Commission.
In addition, Owens State Community College sought and received Controlling Board approval to release
$112,119 to provide professional architectural services for the renovation of Founders Hall, formerly
the Penta Administration building in Perrysburg
Owens recently began the renovation project to accommodate significant increases in student enrollment.
Renovation of the building is expected to be completed by January 2010.

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