Livestock teams take four of six awards


Wood County’s livestock judging teams had great success at the Ohio State Fair this summer.
The two senior teams were second and third in the state; while the three junior teams took first place
honors as well as third and 10th place awards.
Lane Kemner, Simply Stock, led the championship Junior Team 1, recording first place high individual
overall. In the various events, Kemner was sixth place in oral reasons; first place in cattle; and
second place overall in both sheep and swine.
Other members of the junior championship team included:
Logan Browne, Livestock Unlimited, who was the third place overall individual. Browne won the sheep, was
fifth in cattle and sixth in swine.
Garrett Tuck, Duke’s Mixture, was the sixth place overall individual, placing sixth in cattle and 10th in
Hannah Frobose, also Livestock Unlimited, finished ninth overall in oral reasons in the junior category.

The Junior Team 2, finished third, led by McKayla Phillips, Livestock Unlimited, who finished ninth
overall individually. placing fifth overall in both oral reasons and swine. the other team members were:
Drew Baus, Beaver Creek Boosters, ninth in cattle; Lindsay Boelkens, Duke’s Mixture, eighth place oral
reasons, and ninth in swine; and Lucas Tuck,Duke’s Mixture, fourth place oral reasons and fifth in
The Junior Team 3 finished 10th led by Steven Speck,Blue Ribbon Rangers, who was the fourth place
individual award winner overall; including third in both oral reasons and swine; and ninth in sheep.
Wood County Senior Team 2 was second in the state. Dylan Jacobs, Tontogany Four Leaf Clovers, led the
team with his eighth place high individual honor. He was first in sheep and fourth in swine overall.
Diana Bushman, Duke’s Mixture, was ninth overall in the senior division. She placed sixth in swine and
seventh in cattle
Sara Boyle, Tontogany Four Leaf Clovers, finished seventh in oral reasons; while Zac Lucas, Klassy Kids,
finished third in swine.
Members of Senior Team 1, which pulled in third place honors was led by Kacey Podolak, Tontogany
Hotwires, who finished fifth place individual overall, including first place in swine; second place in
individual oral reasons; and seventh place in sheep.
Other team members included Emily Limes, Simply stock, who was third place in reasons and fifth in sheep;
and Jamie Limes, also Simply Stock, who took 10th place in reasons.
Coach for the teams is Dan Frobose.

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