To the Editor: Volunteers needed to give BG 5th graders library time


I attended the Bowling Green School Board meeting in July with great hopes there would be a way for our
kids to go to 5th Grade Camp this year. The board was asked to consider the possibility of the
elementary PTO’s raising the needed funds to send the students to camp. We were told that it would be
considered. Later on a few board members met with some of the PTO presidents and declined that proposal.
Why? What could be wrong with finding funds that a school board needs that will give our children an
enriching experience?
It is very frustrating but even though we as parents have been thwarted in our efforts when it comes to
camp there are other ways to help. The budget cuts affected our elementary school libraries too. We now
have 1 librarian for all 5 schools. This means that superhuman though she may be our librarian Tami
Lynch needs volunteers. Without volunteers there is always the possibility that there will be no library
time for the students. So, what do you do? You can either call your school office or call Central
Administration. I have volunteered in the Kenwood library for years and love it. It is well worth the
few hours out of my day to see the difference it makes in the children.
Jill Patton
Bowling Green

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