To the Editor: Weston man criticizes Otsego decision


The action taken last week by the Otsego School Board proves once again they could care less about the
will of the people.
It really bothers me that we have a board that changes their mind with whatever the direction the wind is
going. I am tired of them talking out of both sides of their mouths.
We were told we would have our own community schools if we passed the high school bond issue. Now a new
superintendent that was pro central campus and look what we have today. We have a very divided school
They are borrowing money knowing that the people will not pass another levy. How can we afford this while
we are facing the highest unemployment numbers since the depression?
When they realize that they cannot pay their bond payments, we will have a complex in Tontogany that no
one can use because the doors will be padlocked. We will not be able to use our existing buildings
because they will already been torn down. Where will our children go school then? Bowling Green?
Maybe having the state of Ohio taking over our district will be a good thing. At least the present
leadership will be gone.
We that are opposed to the way the board is behaving are not against giving the best to our children. We
are also using our wonderful Otsego education to see that things are done right and people are held
accountable. People vote their wallets and with their brain not their hearts.
Russ Ewing

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