Final listing of 2009 4-H miscellaneous project judging

More than 800 Wood County 4-Hers participated in 4-H Miscellaneous Judging at the Wood County Junior Fair
building on July 9. In addition to those previously announced, the following are some of the winners.

Self-Determined Child Care
1, Jani Shope, Lucky Charms
Self-Determined (13 & under)
1, Kirstyn Harris, Buckeye Guys & Gals
2, April Michaelis, Tontogany Four Leaf Clovers
3, Elizabeth Gerken, Colorful Clovers
Outstanding goes to: Tim Aumiller, Colorful Clovers
Self-Determined (14 & Up)
1, Malinda Machefski, Portage Valley
2, John Moser, Blue Ribbon Rangers
3, Allison Aumiller, Colorful Clovers
Outstandings go to: Cody Smith, Dowling Stitch, Stir & Stock, Olivia Hardy, Portage Valley
Self-Determined Scrapbooking (13 & under)
1, Mallory Beach, Haskins Clover Crew
2, Chelsie Schmitz, Farmcrafters
Self-Determined Scrapbooking (14 & Up)
1, McKenzie Wilhelm, Leaders of Tomorrow
2, Kelsey Venis, Colorful Clovers
3, Lauren Bechstein, Colorful Clovers
Small Animals
Guinea Pig
1, Emily Stefanks, NB Alive N Kickin
2, Clayton Blair, NB Alive N Kickin
Cat 1-Purrfect Pals
1, Rachel Piasecki, Lucky Charms
2, Tie Kristi Reiser, Wood County Crew, and Danielle Lashaway, Tontogany Four Leaf Clovers
3, Tie Lindsey Pauff and Brianna Snow, both Haskins Clover Crew
Cat 2-Climbing Up
1, Ashley Brickner, Buckeye Guys & Gals
2, Amanda Ridenour, Klover Kids
Cat 3 Leaping Forward
1, Alisha Sanders, Country Pride
Small Animal Project
1, Thomas Montague-Casillas, Tontogany Four Leaf Clovers
2, Bryn Parker, Farmcrafters
3, Jessica Hosley, Duke’s Mixture
Antique Engine & Tractor Recycling
1, Trey Yarger, Golden Key
2, Eddie Tolles, BG Brigade
Starting Up
1, Eric Hardy, Portage Valley
2, Jack Hagemeyer, Farmcrafters
Gearing Up For Safety
1, Henry Apple, BG Brigade
2, Derick Buchman, Blue Ribbon Rangers
Moving Out
1, Brandon Avers, Tontogany Four Leaf Clovers
2, Bill Potter, Beaver Creek Boosters
Learning More
1, Tyler Herringshaw, Golden Key
Veterinary Science
From Airedales to Zebras
1, Alexandria Wenig, Haskins Clover Crew
2, Brianna Schumaker, Black Swamp Outlaws
3, Haven Flores, Soaring Eagles
All Systems Go
1, Kori Reiser, Wood County Crew
2, Lorne Strausbaugh, Perry-Go-Getters
On The Cutting Edge
1, Jessica Swihart, Portage Valley
2, Tie Jennifer Clasey, Colorful Clovers, Lydia Davis, Country Guys & Gals
3, Joyce Grolle, Silver Spurs
Outstandings go to: Erin Nelson, Silver Spurs, and Shelby Vaughn, Soaring Eagles
Arcs & Sparks
1, Logan Brubaker, Lucky Charms
2, Stephanie Palmer, 4-Leaf Clover Kids
Measuring Up
1, Lucas Wright, Tontogany Four Leaf Clovers
2, Keith Damschroeder, Tontogany Four Leaf Clovers
Making The Cut
1, Kelsey Bloom, Golden Key
2, Eric Lincoln, Klassy Kids
3, Jack Hagemeyer, Farmcrafters
Outstanding goes to: Thomas Montague-Casillas, Tontogany Four
Leaf Clovers, and Michael Rochester, Cruizin Clovers
Nailing It Together
1, Ryan Meek, Perry-Go-Getters
2, Brent Schlumbohm, Buckeye Guys & Gals
Finishing Up
1, Wade Sattler, Duke’s Mixture
2, Nathan Meek, Perry-Go-Getters
3, Zach Bailey, Blue Ribbon Rangers
Outstanding goes to: Olivia Hardy, Portage Valley; Kyle Schlumbohm, Buckeye Guys & Gals; and
Andrew Finkenbiner, Klassy Kids
Furniture and Woodwork Recycling
1, Matt Schlumbohm, Buckeye Guys & Gals
Creative Writing
1, Edith Greaser, Klover Kids
2, Addy Mathias, Country Paws
3, Tie Emily Haynes, Tontogany Hotwires, and Kirstyn Harris, Buckeye Guys & Gals
Outstandings go to: Nick Frank, Gold Medal; Jolynn Irwin, Tontogany Four Leaf Clovers; and Amanda
Ridenour, Klover Kids