Canton man gets six years for rape at Best Western


Tinkesh Valsadi was sentenced to six years in prison for his rape conviction by Wood County Common Pleas
Court Judge Robert Pollex on Tuesday morning.
Valsadi, 37, of Canton, maintained his innocence at the sentencing and his attorney reiterated his
planned appeal of the jury verdict from his two-day trial in June.
One mitigating factor at sentencing is often the defendant’s willingness to take responsibility for their
Defense attorney Stevin Groth told Pollex "with respect, my client maintains his innocence and
therefore does not take responsibility for his actions."
When given the opportunity to speak, Valsadi reiterated the point, saying, "I didn’t do this."

The charges stemmed from a 2007 incident at the former Best Western Motel in Perrysburg.
Despite the accusations by the victim being made a year after the verdict, the jurors were unanimous in
their guilty verdict.
Heather Baker, an assistant prosecutor for Wood County, had recommended a nine-year sentence, noting both
the physical and psychological harm to the victim. She also reiterated inconsistencies between the
defendants original comments to the Perrysburg Police Division and his testimony at trial.
As part of the sentence Valsadi was also classified as a Tier III sexual offender and thus must register
with the sheriff’s office in the location where he resides and/or works upon his release.
In his sentencing, Pollex addressed Valsadi’s allegation of innocence noting while there may have been
some flirtation and previous mutual relations.
"However, it is abundantly clear to this court there was no consent in this case," Pollex said

Pollex also issued a $5,000 fine. The conviction carries a mandatory three-year sentence up to a maximum
of 10 years.
He will be given credit for time served.
Groth asked the court to appoint an attorney for Valsadi for his appeal.
At the time of the incident Valsadi was working with a contractor doing maintenance work at the motel.
The victim was an employee of the facility.

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