To the Editor: Otsego shouldn’t spend what it doesn’t have


My birth year was 1928. My family had the bad luck, or good luck, depending on how you look at it, of
managing how to survive during the Great Depression. I can guarantee that if the economy continues to
diminish, and many are committed to spend more than they have, they will be in bad trouble financially.

These comments are not about any decisions by the board or where, or how the needs, or preferences of the
school district are managed. To think of committing the school district to a bond commitment without
allowing a vote is unconscionable.
The letter submitted by Rob Myerholtz on July 1 is very revealing. The 7 a.m. meeting may, or may not,
suggest that meeting this early time would diminish residents’ attendance and comments. From what I have
been reading other meetings were well attended.
The board’s anticipation that the voters won’t support a bond issue is probably correct. In these
economic times many people are on fixed, or no incomes, and they will use "common sense" and
not spend money they may not have.
Cities and townships don’t have enough revenue. Nor do states, counties or the federal government. I only
mention this because those families that may be at risk financially should be given an opportunity to
decide if they want to take the risk of what the future holds.
In 1946 I started school at OSU when all the GIs were coming home. They lived in trailers, classes were
conducted in temporary buildings, or outside, and everyone worked together and got educated.
What is "best for the children" starts at home with the family. The young people will do fine.
We need to convey to them that when they don’t have money, spending must stop. The other lesson they
will learn is when and how important voting is.
Jack Dawson
Grand Rapids

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