4-H Miscellaneous judging winners announced

More than 800 Wood County 4-Hers participated in 4-H Miscellaneous Judging at the Wood County Junior Fair
building on July 9. The following are some of the winners. Additional winners will be announced in
future editions of the paper.
Rockets Away (2 liter bottle)
1, Kolton Bloom, Golden Key
2, Austin Jenson, Jackson Livestock
Rockets Away (Estes type)
1, Cameron Roehl, Tontogany Four Leaf Clovers
2, Tie Graham Cook, Jackson Livestock, and Mackenzie Wenig, Haskins Clover Crew
3, Grace Crimmins, Lucky Charms
Outstanding goes to: Ted Swartz, Lake Harvesters
Science of Flight
1, Francis Keller, Lucky Charms
Your’re the Athlete
1, Maddi Vaughn, Soaring Eagles
2, Madison Reinhard, Country Guys & Gals
3, Allison Voland, Blue Ribbon Rangers
Outstandings go to: Austin Smith, Dowling Stitch, Stir & Stock, and Devin Spencer, Creative
Bicycle 1
1, Tyler Ruck, Portage Valley
2, Michael Rochester, Cruizin Clovers
Bicycle 2
1, Mark Rochester, Cruizin Clovers
Conservation/Natural Resources
Basic Archery
1, Donyelle Wilhelm, Jackson Livestock
2, Tie Ashley Brickner, Buckeye Guys & Gals, and Courtney Brickner, Buckeye Guys & Gals

3, Tie Cameron Roehl, Tontogany Four Leaf Clovers, and Matthew Shanks, Buds-N-Beyond
Outstandings go to: Luke Hagemeyer, Farmcrafters, Clayton Mears, Country Guys & Gals, Olivia
Lause, Colorful Clovers, and Grant Hirzel, Colorful Clovers
Let’s Explore The Outdoors I
1, Keli Bradford, Farmcrafters
2, Grace Crimmins, Lucky Charms
Trapping Muskrats In Ohio
Outstandings go to: Hank Schreiner, Farmcrafters, and Kirstyn Harris, Buckeye Guys & Gals
Ohio Birds
1, Joshua Mathias, Country Paws
2, Mackenzie Wenig, Haskins Clover Crew
3, Mikayla Benedict, Jackson Livestock
Outstandings go to: Makayla Riehl, Farmcrafters, Tim Kleman, Lucky Charms
Explore the Insect World I
1, Lydia Archambo, Friends in 4-H
2, Alexandra Tolles, Beaver Creek Boosters
Outstanding goes to: Peter Shanks, Buds & Beyond
1, Shannon Damschroder, Tontogany Four Leaf Clovers
2, Leu Graham, Live & Learn
3, Kalen Bloom, Golden Key
Outstandings go to: Mark Rochester, Cruizin Clovers, Elizabeth Hirzel, Colorful Clovers, Samara Okuly,
Leaders of Tomorrow
Safe Use Of Guns
1, Kristen Fowler, Tontogany Four Leaf Clovers
2, Tie Nick Brennan, Cruizin Clovers and Lewis Johnson, Colorful Clovers
3, Tie Justin Swihart, Portage Valley and Caleb Baus, Beaver Creek Boosters
Outstanding goes to: Alyssa Becker, Tontogany Four Leaf Clovers
Fishing For Beginner
1, Susan Johnson, Colorful Clovers
2, Kyle Dibling, Golden Key
Fishing For Intermediate
1, Buddy Limes, Beaver Creek Boosters
Creative Arts
Art As Expression
1, Gabbie Powers, 4-Leaf Clover Kids
2, Miranda Frank, Gold Medal
3, Miah Black, Gold Medal
Discovering 4-H
1, Suzanna Finn, Homespun Kids
Outstanding goes to:
Brittany Kowalski, Clover Patch Kids
You and Your Dog
1, Katarina Genson, Tontogany Four Leaf Clovers
2, Eleanor Clark, Live & Learn
3, Maddie Long, Tontogany Four Leaf Clovers
Dog Obedience
1, Ashley Himburg, Golden Key
2, Allison Augsburger, 4-Leaf Clover Kids
3, Jennifer Schaller, Gold Medal
Magic Of Electricity
1, Nolan Brennan, Cruizin Clovers
2, Ryan Lashaway, Tontogany Four Leaf Clovers
3, Evan Farley, Tontogany Four Leaf Clovers
Outstanding goes to: Adam Canterbury, Tontogany Four Leaf Clovers
Wired for Power
1, Austin Davis, Jackson Livestock
2, Jacob Benedict, BG Brigade
Entering Electronics
1, Eric Belkofer, Rough Riders