BGSU will hold line on fall tuition


Bowling Green State University President Dr. Carol Cartwright said Monday evening that there will be no
tuition hike for the fall semester.
“It’s important to get the word out that we do not plan to raise tuition for the fall semester,”
Cartwright said.
“We’re committed to making a BGSU education as affordable as possible for the citizens of Ohio. We
recognize the financial difficulties facing our families and felt it was important to let our students
and parents know as soon as possible that there won’t be an increase this semester.”
A spokesperson for Owens Community College said this morning it was too early to determine what that
school would do about the budget/tuition situation.
Cartwright said details on the state budget will have to be analyzed and that will take time. She said
factors such as enrollment, student retention and graduation rates will all affect how much money BGSU
receives from the state. She said the budget typically places more of the cuts in the second year of the
She said the university can not promise at this point that it will be able to hold tuition at its present
rate beyond the fall semester.
The new state budget, approved Monday night by the legislaure, allows state supported colleges and
universities to enact as much as a 3.5 percent increase. The earlier budget proposal called for no
tuition increases for the third straight year.
Cartwright called the change “disappointing” but said she understands the deep cuts that lawmakers had to
The state budget also contains:
• $1.5 million for the BGSU Ice Arena project.
• $200,000 for the BGSU Center for Microscopy for solar lab research equipment.
• $200,000 for BGSU for water quality lab equipment in conjunction with the Wood County Health

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