To the Editor: Pemberville pitched in to welcome GOBA


A few years ago there was a book written entitled in part "It Takes a Village"; we would like
to add a community as well.
Pemberville was called upon to host 2,700 bicycle riders for the morning Snack Stop of the Great Ohio
Bicycle Adventure (GOBA). What an awesome experience to have so many people visiting Pemberville on June
23. We more than doubled our population for about six hours that morning.
We asked for donations of food, money and help. We were overwhelmed by the response.
It would have been difficult to count the number of volunteers in green shirts there to welcome and wait
on the individuals riding bicycles.
We were all entertained by the music of our local vocal ensemble The Hot Flashes, what a hit! One of
their ’60s songs told about "the leader of the pack," which we all know today as Todd Sheets
who coordinated the entire effort. There could never have been a better leader and community cheerleader
than Todd.
Any food left over was shared by Martha’s Kitchen in BG, Cherry Street Mission in Toledo, as well as
families in the community.
We want to thank all those who helped and supported our efforts in any way. We are privileged to live in
such a wonderful little village.
Anne Michel and Donna Schuerman

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