To the Editor: Latta helped him fight Medicare


I became handicapped in 2007 and decided to purchase an electric scooter to help me get around. I found a
scooter on the Internet that looked satisfactory. The supplier of the scooter assured me that they
worked with Medicare. I ordered the scooter and paid for it by credit card. I received it in July, 2007.

About three months after this purchase I called the supplier and asked when I would be reimbursed for the
cost of the scooter. The supplier then told me I would have to apply to Medicare for the reimbursement.

I contacted Medicare and received a severe scolding over the telephone because I had purchased the
scooter without their permission. After the woman finished tongue-lashing me to a pulp she agreed to
send me a reimbursement form. This began an experience that lasted for one and a half years – one that
consisted of mailing forms to Medicare, denials, appeals, telephone calls, more denials, more appeals,
more telephone calls, etc., etc. One and one half years of being denied a reimbursement that I was
entitled to – simply because I had not contacted Medicare before I bought the scooter. I now realize
that I should have talked to them first.
After the last denial and as a last resort I decided to talk to my Congressman, Robert Latta, about my
problem. One of Mr. Latta’s staff in Bowling Green reviewed my papers and agreed to forward them to Mr.
Latta for his review.
Seventeen days later I received a check from Medicare. Medicare also apologized for putting me through
such a stressful experience!
My profound thanks to Congressman Latta! I voted for his father and for him. I will continue to do so.

Marv Dubbs

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