Art-a-site offers classes for kids


Youth classes and workshops are being offered this summer at art-a-site in Bowling Green.
The classes are:
? Let?s DRAW, Pardner! Mondays from 4 to 5:30 p.m. now through July 27. Daniel Mauk will share drawing
techniques and concepts. Students ages 8 and up may sign up week-by-week for this open studio concept at
$15 a session. Basic supplies are included but students are encouraged to bring their own materials if
they have them. Mauk will introduce basic drawing skills and/or build on what the student is already
able to do. Call (419) 494-1444 at least 24 hours in advance to register for a session.
Private lessons can also be arranged.
? Tuesday Morning Workshops. Now through July 28, 10 to 11:30 a.m. Instructors will be offer a variety of
two- and three-dimensional activities to challenge young artists. Participants can sign up for one, two
or any number of the workshops, depending on the summer schedule. Registration is due at least three
days prior to the workshop so there is time to assemble the necessary supplies.
The cost is $15 per session. Class size is limited to five students. The classes are designed for
students in grades three through six.
These classes are planned:
June 30: Stepping Stone for the Family Garden ? In this workshop kids will cast a small, round, flat,
cement slab using colored stones to create an embedded design. The instructor is Becky Laabs.
July 7: Make a Splash with Watercolor ? In this workshop kids will learn lots of novelty watercolor
techniques that to can use in a painting or notecards, for magnets or as jewelry. The instructor is
Karen McFillen.
July 14: ?Stamp your ART out? on a T-shirt. Use rubber and foam stamps or children can carve their own
stamps to print on a shirt brought from home. A plain white pre-washed T-shirt is recommended. The
instructor is Ruth Carpenter.
July 21: It?s Keen to ?GO GREEN? with Assemblage – In this workshop kids will use a variety of recyclable
materials as the armature for a sculpture wrapped in plaster. Carpenter is the instructor.
July 28: Mixed Media Memories ? Using all sorts of collage materials, children will create a
one-of-a-kind sketchbook, scrapbook, journal or diary. Carpenter is the instructor.

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