To the Editor: Board urged to reconsider camp decision


In response to Ms. Gade’s letter to the editor on June 17, I too would like the BG School Board to
reconsider their decision on discontinuing 5th grade camp.
For years the PTO at Milton Elementary has run a very successful chicken BBQ and Auction that has always
profited enough money to send each one of our 5th graders to camp. Our parents and teachers are very
committed to ensuring that this fundraiser has a successful outcome. Because of their dedication to our
school and their children, our PTO has paid for the entire cost of each 5th grader. Even 5th graders who
are new to our school, or who have transferred to another BG school have had their tuition paid.
Our PTO prides itself by only asking parents to participate in two fundraisers throughout the school
year, our Walk-a-Thon in the fall and our Spring Chicken BBQ. We don’t go through the hassle of selling
wrapping paper, candy or magazines; we have enough profits with our two fundraisers to support our
school and staff. Enough profits to send our entire 5th grade class to camp for free!
Our school is small and we realize this might not be attainable by each elementary, however I believe
that each school participates in some sort of 5th grade camp fundraiser. Isn’t there a way that schools
could pay the difference (either from parents or fundraisers) so camp can still go on!
This is such a disappointment to all entering 5th grade students. This camp has always been a wonderful
experience for the kids and an event that has been looked forward to for years. I too went to camp as a
fifth grader from a BG school 27 years ago. Those memories of Camp Campbell Guard still exist!
Please if you are a parent who also feels 5th grade camp should stay, voice your opinion. It could help.

Andi Fintel

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