Today Vice President Joe Biden made a stop at Willard & Kelsey
in Perrysburg to tour the upcoming solar plant, as well as chair a meeting, whose goal is to assist the
middle class. Over 400 citizens were there to hear him speak, along with the usual smattering of media.
One can’t have Biden around without the Secret Service. Security was pretty tight, as to be
expected. I had to go through the metal detectors, as well as let all my gear get checked by the bomb
sniffing dogs. Unfortunately, they ran out of Media Passes, which made it slightly more difficult to get
into the buffer zone at the side.
Joe Biden listens to Bill Mitchell of Willard &
Yes, there is a man (and woman) behind the curtain. It’s more than just the Vice President
when he comes to visit, a whole support team comes along as well. I am amazed how organized everything
is and on time, given the scope of the operations.
Clean backgrounds are hard to come by
in manufacturing plants, but if you look around enough they can be found.
Biden makes a point. It
was bolstering to hear him say that what Northwest Ohio is doing on the fronts of green energy is what
they need to convince the rest of the nation to do. Washington thinks we’re ahead of the
I have never seen so many Blackberries in my life, it seems that everyone seems to have one.
One woman even had two, not sure I would ever want to be that connected.
Here’s a quick panorama. As you can see, they always keep the media way back and on rafters. The stills
photographers have more leeway on moving about, but that’s not the case for video.