To the Editor: Otsego’s not waiting for economy to improve


Otsego Citizens for Neighborhood schools is going into the home improvement business. We have decided to
start with the home of the Otsego School Board president. It is his inspiration to bring the Otsego
elementary schools into the 21st century during this economic depression. We need to do no less with his
property first. This 2,000 square-foot structure is in good shape, provided him with the proper shelter
from the elements, is warm in winter and had enough room to raise his family successfully. However it is
just plain outdated and he deserves new.
We have found him a new much larger home – 8,000 square feet. It has central air, gas heat, nice big
kitchen, driveway with good lighting after dark when no one is home, and the really good part, it has a
2,000-square-foot recreation room for those fun times. The best part is the price has been reduced, we
get a new home tax credit from the government (don’t’ tell them, but we have to pay the tax credit back
over time, however no one knows that yet) so we simply cannot wait for the economy to get better.
Do not worry about getting approved for the loan as we will sign the paperwork for you. Do not be
concerned that the lease plan interest is at a much higher rate than you can get on your own (easy now,
just trust us). This lease plan we will get you is very exciting as you will be able to make the payment
from the savings of the cost of operating your present, smaller home.
Do not worry about your other bill. Much like the approaching $2 million deficit in Otsego Schools which
you said at the last board meeting is a separate issue, these are as well. You should go forward with
this as these bills have nothing to do with your need for a 21st century home. As we have your family’s
best interest at heart we know you understand. So enjoy, we know this new home will make your family
more successful. Don’t worry, we made sure your first payment is taken care of and if we are wrong about
the savings from your smaller home making the payment perhaps the state will bail you out, but of course
we take no financial responsibility for these results.
Jim Minard, Weston

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