Napoleon to replace Rossford in NLL


Principals from Northern Lakes League schools met Tuesday to formally accept Rossford’s request to
withdraw from the NLL as of June 1, 2011, a press release from NLL commissioner Larry Morrison stated.
The league then voted to accept Napoleon as a replacement for Rossford as the eighth member, resulting
in the NLL extending an invitation to Napoleon to become the new member of the NLL.
The final tally for the vote will not be released, according to Morrison.
Morrison indicated that it was a very difficult choice because the NLL felt the Clay, the other school
being considered as Rossford’s replacement, “was also a strong candidate with solid academic and
athletic programs.”
Both schools had shown interest as possible replacements for Rossford, leaving the NLL with two willing
replacements, thus avoiding the problems of a seven-team league.
“That was not a question because we were very fortunate in having two schools that were interested in
joining us as soon as we had a vacancy,” Morrison said. “We never considered the possibility of a
seven-team league.”
As far as the possibility of current member Maumee leaving the NLL to join the newly-formed Northern
Buckeye Conference, Morrison stated that no action has been taken by either the NBC or Maumee.
“They are continuing in the NLL,” Morrison said of Maumee. “As far as the future … (The NBC) is not at
the point yet of looking at the potential two schools. That will come further down the road.”
However, Morrison said, “It’s always a possibility,” regarding Maumee potentially leaving the NLL.
Rossford, a charter member of the NLL since 1956, will be joining the newly formed NBC consisting of
Eastwood, Genoa, Lake, Otsego and Woodmore beginning with the 2011-12 school year.
This is the first change in the NLL membership since 1996 when Northview replaced Lake. — HELD

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