These are the kind of assignments that make me feel lucky to be a photojournalist. I headed
down to Pemberville for their Crusin’ Nights car show with the goal of seeing some slick machinery,
hearing some motor-inspired music, and getting some cool photos of classic cars. I was not disappointed
with what I found.
The fun thing is that everyone seems to have
their own definition of what qualifies as a cool cruising car. Chevy HHR? Check. Happen to have a Model
A Ford? That works, too.


I’ve always been amused by the themed stuffed animals that get put in cars.


Despite the plastic body panels, spartan interiors, and subpar suspension (Leaf springs? Is
this a pickup?) I’ve always been a fan of Corvettes. Maybe it’s the allure of cheap speed, or the looks,
but what few faults it ever had in the past models are gone with the new versions. This is one Z06 that
happens to have a bit more ooomph in the form of a supercharger, giving it 700 hp. Not only that, it was
clean enough you could eat off it.


Here’s what you can do if you don’t have a super-wide angle or a fisheye lens. Simply head
down to your local classic car show, and look for a ’31 Chevy truck with hubcaps. After that, simply
wait for the decisive moment.


A classic Stingray, I’ve always loved the lines on these cars. It’s the little details that
make it stand out from the rest of the crowd.