The list just keeps growing.
In Curt Miller’s eight years as the head coach of Bowling Green’s women’s basketball team, the Falcons
have recorded a long list of accomplishments and ventured into uncharted territory with the program.
Now starting Miller’s ninth season, another first can be added to that list.
The Falcons are going to Costa Rica Aug. 12-20, the first time a BG women’s basketball team has gone on a
foreign tour. The NCAA allows one foreign tour every four years.
"This was all fund-raised through our eight years here and building up to have an opportunity to
take a trip like this." Miller said. "It’s been a long process of fund-raising … but
certainly it wouldn’t have been possible without a lead gift from a great booster and great donor to our
"It’s all enhancement dollars from fund-raising."
Miller said the lead donor wishes to remain anonymous.
The 10 returning players from last season and the two transfers who sat out the season are eligible to
make the trip to Costa Rica. No incoming freshmen can make the trip. Miller hopes to have the full
12-player roster, depending on how Jessica Slagle’s knee has responded to rehabilitation after surgery.

"The No. 1 reason to take a foreign tour is to jump-start your next season as much off the floor as
much as on the floor," Miller said.
A total of 10 days of practice is allowed leading up to the tour and Miller plans to use all 10 days in
August in Bowling Green.
"It will really jump-start us right into the preseason and give us a leg up," Miller said.
"It’s really important in a year where there are high expectations. But also right out of the gate
we’ll be in the Preseason WNIT Tournament to begin the year against some major competition."
Off the floor, there are several opportunities planned to build team relationships.
"Being able to bond in a different culture and doing some side trips on top of the games is
important," Miller said. "I really excited about the activity side trips that we’re taking in
Costa Rica. I’m sure the girls would love to be on the beach. I want to be hiking through the rain
forest and to the volcano."
The hike to the volcano and a hot springs is one of three side trips tentatively planned. Also on the
schedule is a white-water rafting trip and riding the zip-line through the canopy of the rain forest.

Also Miller hopes the team will be able to visit a children’s hospital during the trip and also give
clinics to school-age children after the games.
For several members of the team, it will be their first opportunity to travel outside the United States.

The Falcons did play an in-season tournament in Cancun, Mexico in December 2006 with current team members
Tara Breske, Laura Bugher and Sarah Clapper making that trip. Also transfer Tamika Nurse is from
Hamilton, Ontario.
On the court, the Falcons are scheduled to play four games, including one against the national team from
Costa Rica.
"What we lack night in and night out in competition, we will benefit by already being able to
practice with each other and jump-starting the year," Miller said.
Miller picked Costa Rica over Europe as a destination due in part to the current economy making the trip
to Central American cheaper. He also thought the opportunity to bond would be greater in Costa Rica. The
Falcons will be in San Jose and San Ramon, Costa Rica.
"We have had great reports from teams that were there," Miller said. "I’m excited about
all three side trips (rather) than walking through cathedrals and museums and touring on what you would
do on a typical European tour."
It will be right back to work for the Falcons when they return to Bowling Green with classes starting
Aug. 24.
"It’s going to be a once in the lifetime trip for a lot of us," Miller said. "That’s what
makes it truly special. You’re combining basketball with fellowship and certainly the benefits of the
basketball, but what a great life experience opportunity for the whole team."