To the Editor: Strickland should re-think his longer school year idea


Did you know that Gov. Strickland thinks we don’t go to school for long enough? He wants us to go to
school for an extra 20 days. I think he should change or re-think his plan.
One reason that the governor should re-think his plan is because high school students won’t be able to
work for as long in the summer. High school students need the money for their future and for college
tuition and books. If Strickland has everyone go to school for the extra 20 days, we would have a lot
less kids going to college and a lot more kids not being able to reach their full potential.
Another reason that he should think over this matter is because it is going to cost a lot of money. The
schools would have to purchase fuel for the buses and we all know how expensive that is. The schools
also have to use electricity. My school doesn’t have air-conditioning, so we get pretty hot up on the
third floor.
The teachers would also have to be there and this is their vacation time. So, is Strickland really
thinking about the schools and how much they would have to spend?
The schools would need to supply lunches because they don’t purchase the lunches over the summer. The
cooks would have to be there and this is their vacation too. The cooks probably don’t want to be there
because, like I said before, my school doesn’t have air-conditioning, so being in the kitchen gets
pretty hot because of the food cooking.
My final reason is no one approves of the idea. My class took a vote and not one student wanted to go to
school for the extra 20 days. When Channel 13 did a vote on the matter, more people voted against it
than for it. I also asked all of my teachers if they would like to teach the extra 20 days, and they
said no because our school doesn’t have air-conditioning.
So, did you ever think that going to school for almost an extra three weeks could be very expensive,
prevent kids from going to college and subject teachers to uncomfortable working conditions.
I hope the voters think long and hard about what I have said before they support Gov. Strickland’s plan.

Aubrey Peters

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