Jail sentences handed down for assault, theft, drugs, bad checks


In recent weeks, several area residents have been sentenced in Wood County Common Pleas Court including
Roger Bannister for his role in a series of thefts from the commissary at the Wood County jail; Troy
Anast for his role in an assault on a Bowling Green police officer; Anthony Sheeks for failure to return
from a furlough from the jail; and Richard Jay for a 2007 assault with a broken pool cue.
Bannister, 20, of Toledo, was one of six men charged with stealing more than $30,000 from the Wood County
Sheriff’s Office in2007 by using the account numbers of the commissary fund.
Bannister pleaded guilty to an amended count of engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity, a felony of
the second degree. He also pleaded guilty to theft in the case. Judge Alan Mayberry sentenced him to
four years in prison, which is to be served concurrently with 11 months in the related sentence.
Bannister must also pay restitution in the amount of more than $6,800. He also is facing three years of
post-release control. Through the plea agreement, other charges were dismissed.
Anast, 34, of Findlay, was sentenced to two years of community control for assault, in the incident
involving Officer Brian Houser. Another defendant, Justin J. Skrzynski, 34, of Bowling Green, was
previously found guilty of felonious assault in the case and sentenced to five years in prison. Judge
Reeve Kelsey was the judge for the cases on both.
Sheeks, 24, of Leipsic, received an additional two years in prison as a result of his guilty plea to
escape. Mayberry sentenced Sheeks to serve the two additional years following his previous sentence of
15 years in prison in relation to a string of daytime burglaries last year in Wood, Henry, Hancock, and
Putnam counties. The new charge, a felony of the third degree, was due to his failure to return from an
approved furlough at Christmas from Wood County jail. He was arrested in January.
Jay, 45, of Weston, was sentenced to three years of community control in regards to a July 2007 incident
involving an assault with a broken pool cue.
At a prior hearing, Jay entered a plea of guilty to the aggravated assault, a fourth-degree felony.
Kelsey ordered the sentence which also included several conditions including Jay’s participation in
chemical dependency and anger management programs. He also must pay a $500 fine and court costs.
Violation of the community control sanctions could result in up to an 18-month prison term.
Billy Parsons, 44, whose last address was listed as the Wood County jail, was sentenced by Kelsey to an
aggregate sentence of 18 months and a mandatory fine of $1,350 for driving under the influence.
According to court records, he has five or more previous DUI convictions.
Jeyaharen E. Benjamin, 34, was sentenced to 180 days in Wood County jail for importuning. According to
court documents, Benjamin was found guilty of soliciting sexual conduct online from an undercover
officer who was posing as a 13-year-old. In addition to the jail sentence, he must register under the
Tier 1 sex offender classification and perform 200 hours of community service.
Morgan Paul, 20, was ordered to pay restitution of nearly $16,500 as a result of her pleading guilty to
two counts of passing bad checks. She is also subject to three years of community control and must
perform 150 hours of community service.
Other prison sentences recently handed down include:
¥ Keenan Stokes, 30, complicity to aggravated trafficking in drugs and possession of cocaine, two years
and a $5,000 fine.
¥ Joshua Condon, 25, trafficking in cocaine, 22 months
¥ John Sattler, 36, aggravated trafficking in drugs, 18 months
¥ Alan Dykes, 43, community control violation from a 2006 case, 12 months
¥ Vicki Vonck, 50, community control violation from a 2007 case, 12 months
¥ Danny Baldridge Jr., 34, receiving stolen property, 11 months plus $540 restitution
¥ Christopher Bodette, 35, receiving stolen property, 11 months plus $540 restitution
¥ Jeffrey Dahms, 38, complicity to breaking and entering, 11 months
¥ Rachel Ankney, 24, attempted burglar, 11 months
¥ Michael Moore, 25, theft, 11 months
¥ Darrel Curtis Jr., 25, theft, nine months
¥ Rusty Baumbarger, 31, community control violation, eight months.
¥ Theron Depew, 20, possession of heroin, six months
Most of the prison sentences also carry conditions of post-release control, formerly called parole.

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