To the Editor: Writer emphasizes that equality is just not possible
Written by Harold Chapman   
Wednesday, 20 November 2013 10:22
No one is equal. Not you, me, my wife, or anyone.
Equality is an idealistic fantasy, that will never happen.
Maybe on paper - but not in this world. Or in the Kingdom of God.
Here is why: We are all different!
Mankind's attempts to legislate, or mandate equality, is a farce.
Consider my wife and I: We have both walked down seriously different paths, on our journey to "now."
Now me: I'm an ex-gymnast, martial artist, singer-songwriter-musician, writer/poet, cartoonist/still life and abstract artist, have been called a biblical scholar, am ex-military, body covered with hundreds of scars, ex-homeless man, with a criminal record longer than both of my arms and legs (Denver doesn't like homeless people and writes out a lot of tickets to prove it) and am generally just a nice guy. (But enough about me.)
My wife, Margaret, who has not gone through most of that, was born and raised in BG (outside of a few excursions out of state), married #1 husband and raised four great kids, attended BGSU (I am a high school drop-out), became a nurse, knows how to navigate the Internet (I don't), can darn and crochet, and does "fine" doily type stuff (that I cannot) which she gives away to homeless people in Toledo, while serving at a soup line (we've both been there) and others around town.
She hasn't gone through most of what I've gone through, and vice-versa.
I just turned 58, and she just had another birthday.
And we know that we are "not" equal.
We are a team; and of course there is no "I" in team.
She has talents and abilities that I do not possess, and I have talents and abilities that she does not have.
We look at our marriage and circumstances together and realize we "complement" one another.
What she may not be able to do, I probably can.
And what I may not be able to do, she probably can.
And I wouldn't wish it any other way.
We will thankfully "never" be equal!
And please try to keep this in mind: The "Kingdom of God" is not a democracy - you don't get to vote (it is after all, ruled by a King). And there will "not" be such a foolish thing there, as equality.
Please read the Bible, by yourself, for yourself, and figure it out.
Harold Chapman
Bowling Green

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