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PERRYSBURG — Barry and Sandy Deutsch get into the St. Patrick’s Day holiday spirit with their Instant Pot Cabbage Soup that is a new twist on an old recipe adapted to a modern kitchen tool.

When Ethan Jordan thinks of his favorite childhood winter memories, there’s snow forts, snowball fights, sledding — and Fried Shredded Wheat.

PEMBERVILLE — Many firefighters hone their cooking skills while working 24-hour shifts at the station. Steve Stachoviak had that in his repertoire before he joined the fire department.

A Bowling Green pre-teen has made a gift of a dessert that he calls 12th Night Cookies.

Betty Winslow’s Rum Ball cookies smell like Christmas, with their sugary topping and liquor-based core. But if you’re making them, you need to start thinking about it around Thanksgiving.

Tired of applesauce, apple pie, baked apples, apple crisp, apple dumplings, apple salad and baked apples, but still looking for a way to enjoy the fall harvest? Try this Raw Apple Cake recipe, offered by Michelle Crook of Bowling Green.

While Marshall Goldstein is today’s cook’s corner, his chef’s corner is a regular feature at the Heritage Corner Health Care Campus.

Holly Bird has updated her grandmother’s blueberry crepe recipe for the fitness-minded person who also enjoys eating.

NORTH BALTIMORE — If the fall leaves and pumpkins remind you that Thanksgiving is approaching and you need an idea for a dessert, this cook’s corner is for you.

LIME CITY — This firefighters loaded pizza has more than one cook, because the guys who make it are part of a department that works together like a big family.

Cheese balls were the ticket to new friends for Heather Jordan and the award-winning dried beef cheese ball is her favorite.

Despite the summer-like weather that seems to be continuing into the fall, it is not too early to start planning on soup options for dinner or lunch as autumn arrives — at least on the calendar.

Fresh herbs and vegetables – particularly those from your own garden – always give an extra wow to any dish.

GRAND RAPIDS — Krystal Szabo is a trained chef from the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu Institute of Culinary Arts in Pittsburgh — but don’t try to eat this recipe.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy meal that can feed one with some left over for lunch the next day, this recipe is for you.

Carol Hardy has deep family ties to the Wood County Fair, so with the fair running this week, it is an appropriate time to share one of her recipes.

Flo Klopfenstein is a pro in the kitchen – so much so she made her own meal and cake for her wedding because she didn’t trust anyone else with what she wanted.

Evolving into a vegan diet and lifestyle is not something that can usually be done overnight.

NEW ROCHESTER —Holiday traditions vary from family to family, but Kathy Frederick has a great one that has remained popular with her family for more than 50 years.