Perrysburg Schools cannot live within a budget


To the editor,

Zero accountability as the Perrysburg School District cannot live within budgets.

Their only solution is taxing taxpayers to maintain SPEND then tax. Taxpayers only have one representative who understands the reality of our economy knowing everyone has cut back on their spending to maintain their budgets. The only advocate for taxpayers within the cistrict is Board Member Laura Meinke the only realist on the Perrysburg board and administration.

Susan Laimer (sic) is the puppet spokesperson for the administration and remainder of the board. Attendees of the school board meeting were rebuked by Susan for applauding Laura”s truthful explanation of the overall economy and local economy with the closing of two anchor businesses Rite Aid and Walgreens stores.

Every household in Perrysburg district is being affected by the cost of living forcing taxpayers to make changes. There is one solution for the administration having an 85% payroll cost by making across the board payroll cuts to stay within their current budget. This would NOT affect the students or educational success for the future. In addition doing a self audit of necessity like do we really need two superintendents? Perrysburg Schools administration have proven they cannot live without more of your tax money and will spend every penny.

We need to have the greedy learn that NO means NO! Taxpayers only hope you break even with cost and income to achieve our educational goals! A number of years ago when taxpayers questioned the school board meeting, Superintendent Zimmers and her gang put a two minute limit on board meeting taxpayer attendees while they spend hours on self adulation ceremonies not related to the business of the schools. They can save the last part of their board meeting for their self promotion allowing anyone who desires leave the meeting at this point. Great news to hear people brought signs to promote NO NEW TAXES the next thing they will restrict from their meetings.

A great movie quote is “you can’t handle the truth” and your only solution is more levies throwing more of your money to support the empire. Thank you Laura Meinke for speaking the reality of our local economy and challenging the board (Susan) administration to do their job.

Wake up and realize the meaning of NO new taxes.

Phil Caron


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