Real Estate Transfers


(Transfers were not available in January as the Wood County Auditor’s Office switched vendors for its real estate data. This caused an issue populating the website.)

Jan. 2

9650 Fremont Pike, Rossford, from Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc. trustee to JP Morgan Chase Bank National Association, residential, $1,050,000

909 Mill Road, Perrysburg, from Dennis and Carol Szkutnik to Stephen and Nicole Massie, residential, $290,000

21 Exeter Dr., Perrysburg, from Wachter Property Management 3 LLC to Michael Short, condominium, $175,000

0, 0 and 0 Ridge Lake Ct., Perrysburg, from Louisville Title Agency for NW Ohio Inc. trustee to Woodland Custom Homes LLC, residential vacant land, $115,000

0, 0, 0, 0 and 25532 Apex Lane, Perrysburg Township, from Cassandra and Derrick Perry to SF Property Group LLC, residential vacant land and other residential structures, $62,000

29612 E. River Road, Perrysburg Township, from Luann Croy to Jack and Cheryl Johnson, condominium, $275,000

203 East Bridge Road, Northwood, from Northwood Crossings LLC to Angela Bittel, residential vacant land, $316,283

112 and 118 S. East St., Bradner, from Alonzo Shultz to Joshua Jacquot, residential and residential vacant land, $105,000

1214 Millbury Road, Lake Township, from Fern Young to Cynthia Bekier, residential, $40,000

510 N. Second St., North Baltimore, from Victoria Hart to Gene Smith, residential, $125,000

118 W. Evers Ave., Bowling Green, from Jennine Catau to Smith Auto Properties LLC, residential, $133,000

307 S. Main St., Bowling Green, from James and Barbara Maas to Merry Street LLC, restaurant and/or bar, $250,000

Jan. 3

26911 Riverford Dr., Perrysburg, from Brian Spitler and Anissa Colvin co-trustees, residential, $235,000

1011 Brampton Park Road, Perrysburg, from George and Juliana Mitchell to Logan and Jane Clark, residential, $615,000

228 E. Fifth St., Perrysburg, from David Creps successor trustee to Bradley Petrus, residential, $215,000

154 Chesapeake Ln., Northwood, from Teco Property Investments LLC to Tracy Lillie, residential, $210,000

0 King Road and 0 Ovitt Road, Middleton Township, from John and Christina Wilson to John and Cassandra Moser, 91.95 acres agricultural, $576,346

0 King Road, Middleton Township, from Perry and Kim Fletcher to Mark Grolle,10.51 acres agricultural, $70,000

23680 Fourth St., Grand Rapids, from Lara Roberts to 23680 Fourth St. LLC, two-family dwelling, $200,008

503 Lafayette Blvd., Bowling Green, from Hank Leady to Dianna Sonoras, residential, $220,000

Jan. 4

O and 24601 Bean St., Troy Township, from Thomas Woodruff to Zachry and Kaitlynn Miller, residential, $185,500

5166 Bostwick Blvd., Perrysburg, from Lynn Radabaugh to Mark and Sherri Hynes, residential, $379,900

10407 S. Dixie Hwy., Liberty Township, from Dorothy Luthman to Phillip and Kelsey Echelbargar, residential, $60,000

Jan. 5

1199 Joseph Road, Troy Township, from Laura McIntyre to Tyler and Kaleigh Rozek, residential, $450,000

212 Osborn St., Rossford, from Samantha Johns to Corey Downing, residential, $90,000

1034 Stoneleigh Road, Perrysburg, from Buckeye Real Estate Group LLC to Meagan and Nickolas Cunningham, residential vacant land, $509,900

2600 Lauren Lane, Northwood, from Mayuri and Shailesh Merchant to Avyay OH LLC, motels and tourist cabins, $2,111,500

0 and 23651 W. River Road, Grand Rapids, from James Kummerer to Zachary Meeker and Cheyane Donald, residential, $165,000

Jan. 8

176 Birchcrest Dr., Perrysburg, from Mitchell Huver trustee to Nicholas Moschetti, residential, $243,000

27841 Lime City Road, Perrysburg Township, from Melody Rehard trustee to Casey Hughes and Kyle Hardin, residential, $175,000

2522 Eden East Dr., Northwood, from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Christina and Daniel Morrin, residential, $195,000

415 Hillcrest Dr., Bowling Green, from Kimberly Caris to Jeffrey and Elaine McConnell, residential, $229,500

0, 0 and 224 Baldwin Ave., Bowling Green, from William and Charlene O’Connell to Kelly and Erich Achtmann, residential, $209,000

Jan. 9

1002 Brampton Park Road, Perrysburg, from Northcreek Properties LLC to Joseph and Kelsey Heneberry, residential vacant land, $620,850

9477 Millcroft Road, Perrysburg Township, from Robert and Shari Segovia to Michael Duvall, residential, $269,900

27151 Oakmead Dr., Perrysburg Township, from Triple C Development Inc. to FWF Properties LLC, car wash, $2,000,000

0 and 25335 Hull Prairie Road, Middleton Township, from Thomas Rectenwald Jr. to Richard Rectenwald, residential, $235,000

5415 Isch Road,

5415 Isch Road, Lake Township, from Gregory and Susan Luettke to Christopher and Jessica Beckwith, residential, $394,000

12 Cygnet Manor Mobile Home Park Lot 12, Cygnet, from Cheyenne Kaufman to Teri Simon, manufactured home, $100

Jan. 10

0 Middleton Pike, Webster Township, from unlisted to Joseph and Brooke Bockbrader, general farm, $65,000

1200 Fremont Pike, Troy Township, from Rennee Martin to Ronnie and Jane Bloomfield, residential, $16,000

0, 0 and 11 Vineyard Dr., Rossford, from Dannie Launder to PHH Mortgage Corporation, residential, $100,800

17827 Brim Road, Plain Township, from Jordan and Matthew Rava to Lisa Newlove Tuckerman, residential, $195,000

1410 Morningside Dr., Perry Township, from Theresa Slay to Alyssa Martin, residential, $157,000

0 and 223 Gardner Ave., Northwood, from Janet Moore to Jacob Hutchens, residential, $71,530

O Bailey Road and 0, 0 and 5902 Woodville Road, Lake Township, from T D Enterprises to Ronald Bihn, residential vacant land and other residential structures, $65,000

5914 Woodville Road, Lake Township, from Dennis Bihn to Ronald Bihn, residential, $35,000

0 Deshler Road, Jackson Township, from Todd and Megan Miller to Ronald and Carla Yarnell,

18.74 acres agriculture, $218,620

214 Sterling Dr., North Baltimore, from Humble Investments LLC to Julian and Mary See, residential, $175,000

226 Curtis Ave., Bowling Green, from Equity Holding Corp trustee to Rocco & Sons LLC, residential, $103,000

227 East Bay Harbor Ct., Bowling Green, from J&A Building Ventures LLC to Donna Wilch, residential vacant land, $302,500

28 Village Green Mobile Home Park Lot 28, Perrysburg Township, from Village Sales to Jeffery and Tonya McDowell, manufactured home, $18,000

Jan. 11

17397 Liberty Hi Road, Washington Township, from Orren McClaflin to Cale Green, residential, $202,500

0, 0, 3335, 0 and 3025 Fremont Pike and 10 Eastwood Dr., Troy Township, from Pop Real Estate Holdings LLC to First Solar Inc., manufacturing and light assembly, $33,000,000

8741 Emerson Road, Portage Township, from Cynthia Dow to Michelle and Dan Cooper, residential, $24,000

11772 Kingsgate Ct., Perrysburg, from Lindsey and Branden Smith to Fazil Corgun, residential, $226,250

26873 Heatherford Dr., Perrysburg Township, from Lee Property Group LLC to Kylee Lemle, residential, $280,000

10465 Belmont Meadows Lane, Perrysburg Township, from Paul and Lynn Smith to Jillian Schoendorf and Michael King, residential, $364,500

0, 0 and 30537 Lemoyne Road, Lake Township, from Chad Fairbanks, Joshua Fairbanks and Ashley Errington to Haidar Shareef, residential, $100,000

22 Walnut Hills Mobile Home Park Lot 22, Walbridge, from Walnut Hills Mobile Home Park Inc. to Gerald and Camila Swartz, manufactured home, $48,500

214 East Lane Mobile Home Park Lot 214, Northwood, from Devin Hannafins to Raul Ortiz Jr., manufactured home, $2,400

Jan. 12

26450 Fort Meigs Road, Perrysburg, from Jon Liebenthal successor trustee to Cynthia Crawford, residential, $260,400

0 and 535 Clover Lane, Perrysburg, from Janet Benoit to Kristen and John Jenkinson, residential, $430,000

28890 E. River Road, Perrysburg Township, from Marlene Korn trustee to Robert Nitschke trustee, residential, $400,000

9964 Bradner Road, Montgomery Township, from Daniel Jester to Dorsel and Kayla Hurley, residential and other residential structures, $40,000

9049 Wayne Road, Montgomery Township, from Jacqueline and Ruperto Ayala to Matthew and Marisa Reynolds, residential, $130,000

11371 Otsego Pike, Milton Township, from Faye Duber to Edward and Sherry Herringshaw, 40 acres agriculture, $493,500

14134 Rudolph Road, Liberty Township, from Brad Leimgruber et al to Brad Leimgruber, residential, $1,000

8 Edith Ct., Bowling Green, from Henschen Realty Ltd. to Megan Delger, condominium, $171,000

0 Yates Road, Bloom Township, from Steven Sheline and Cathi Sarver co-trustees to Janice Bauman and Leona Gilbert trustees, residential, $90,000

137 Fostoria Reserve Mobile Home Park Lot 137, Fostoria, from Fostoria SPE LLC to Jamie Thomas, manufactured home, $5,000

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