Water service line material mapping continues in BG


The City of Bowling Green Water and Sewer Division is continuing the process of identifying and mapping water service line materials throughout the city. Residents must schedule a time with city staff or designated subcontractor (GIS Landmark) staff to provide access to their property to inspect their service line materials.

These inspections continue to occur in phases across the city, and residents will be notified by door hangers when it is appropriate to schedule their inspection.

What this means:

• Bowling Green city water is safe.

• The city is required by the Ohio and US EPA to identify and map service materials within its distribution system.

• City employees and GIS Landmark staff, hired by the city of Bowling Green, will be performing these scheduled inspections and can provide identification.

• This scheduled inspection will only take a few minutes.

• Per Policy #3002 City of Bowling Green Policy Matters Governing Water Systems Operations – 6a: Any identified employee or representative of the City Water Division shall at all reasonable hours, have access to the property for the purpose of examining pipes, meters, connections, and other appurtenances involving the city’s water supply and for examining, replacing, repairing or removing any meter, piping, instrument or connection that is part of the city’s water system.

Residents are reminded that city staff, and contractors, will be wearing uniforms, driving marked vehicles, and carrying proper identification.

Questions about this project or inspector identification verification can be directed to 419-354-6277 or 419-354-6236. Safety concerns should be reported to the Bowling Green Police Division by calling 419-352-1131.

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