New author Kay Flowerz brings empowering message to library audience


By Sydney Leyerle

Special to the Sentinel-Tribune

New Bowling Green author Kay Flowerz has released her first book in which she takes readers through her journey in hopes of empowering women.

“The Psalms of Flowerz” is a collection of poems, prayers and affirmations that Flowerz’s has written throughout her own journey battling with suicidal thoughts and brokenness. It is rooted in faith, and designed to help those who are dealing with trauma and may feel as if their life does not matter.

“I believe that the people who will definitely resonate with it the most are those who have experienced pain or trauma in their life,” she said. “Those who are looking for hope and for encouragement.”

The book shares shows how Flowerz was able to stay resilient and learn that her life was worth living. In sharing her experiences, Flowerz said she hopes to remind women of their worth.

“I really hope that they are encouraged to know that whatever they’re going through right now, it’s not going to last forever, and your past doesn’t have to define you,” she said.

Reminding people of their worth is a passion Flowerz has held since realizing her own worth.

She said she remembers a specific time when she felt as if her life didn’t matter.

Then, there was a moment — that she said she believes came from God — when she was able to recognize there were people out there who needed her and that she couldn’t give up on life.

“That’s the message that I constantly share with people now, that their voice and their life matters and that somebody in this world needs them.”

While the encouragement she shares with others is rooted in her faith, Flowerz said she doesn’t always talk directly about faith. Instead, she said she always tries to use her faith to show gratitude. She’s an advocate for being thankful, and said no matter what someone believes, every day is another chance at life.

Flowerz will be available to meet in person on Sept. 16 at 2 p.m. at the Wood County District Public Library, 251 N. Main St. She will be discussing her new book and her work as an author and life coach.

“The Psalms of Flowerz” is available to be purchased online through Amazon or at Novel Blends and Grounds for Thought. More information can be found at

While this is her first book, Flowerz said she hopes to write more in the future as writing has always been a way for her to express her feelings.

Flowerz shares encouragement with women in other forms as well. Her podcast, “Affirmations: Journey with Flowerz,” is designed to help people heal, grow and build confidence. Episodes are published weekly and can be found on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify.

“Regardless of what they believe in, knowing that you are worthy and that you’re alive and your voice matters,” she said. “That is the biggest thing that I share.”

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