Perrysburg spends $1.9 million on capital projects


PERRYSBURG – The Perrysburg school district spent nearly $2 million on permanent improvement projects in the last year.

At Monday’s board of education meeting, James Mapus, executive director of operations, provided a list of all the capital projects that have been completed since July 2022.

Some projects were scheduled replacement while others were necessary repairs, he said.

The major projects included new roofs at Toth Elementary for $215,150 and at the junior high for $128,732; all-inclusive playground equipment at Woodland Elementary, $154,135 (with the same amount paid through a GameTime grant); masonry repair/tuckpointing at the junior high, $84,905; and HVAC upgrades at Hull Prairie Intermediate School to upgrade the sensors for $82,475.

Work at the high school included theater microphone updates to prevent feedback from other frequencies, $52,899; re-keying which will require keys to be signed in and make a lock-down easier, $84,144; restoration to the metal roof by putting on a sealant coating, $85,674; new furniture for 2.5 classrooms, $32,879; chiller repair, $54,320; and new carpet in the band/orchestra room, $8,363.

Additional projects included new cafeteria tables at Fort Meigs Elementary, $48,229, to replace the old style that folded down from the wall; new classroom furniture for two classrooms at Toth Elementary for $13,534; a new floor scrubber to replace the original machine at Frank Elementary, $15,228; boiler repair at Toth for $17,740 and at Woodland Elementary for $8,070; and new fire door at the junior high near the gymnasium, $9,985.

Steinecker Stadium had some improvements, including a renovation to the press box for $32,583, bathroom upgrades for $96,598, and painted bleachers for $50,000.

No bathrooms can be added due to the plumbing and lack of space to add toilets, Mapus said.

“Hopefully within our bond issue, moving forward that is something we can add,” he said. “This should fix that. Anyone who has been in those bathrooms this last year know they needed a facelift.”

Commodore Building, where the district offices are, got a new walk-behind floor scrubber for $5,200, updates to the human resources office for $15,100, and boiler repair for $12,280.

District-wide projects included two new trucks for $123,805; three new snow plows, $24,015; new band instruments, $71,376; a new eight-passenger van, $64,845; HVAC repairs, $123,259; and parking lot sealing and striping, $199,185.

Board member Kelly Eubanks asked why the district’s bond issue contained more than $1 million for high school boilers and chillers when work was already been done.

Mapus said that both chillers at the high school will be replaced and the work he described was to repair one that had died just before the end of the school year.

The balance of work done was $1.9 million.

The district collected $1.82 million during the last fiscal year from its permanent improvement levy, according to numbers supplied by Treasurer Randy Drewyor.

The fund started the 2023-23 year with a balance of $1.64 million and had an unencumbered balance of $65,587 as of June 30.

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