Curtain goes down on Nester’s career

By Alex Holwerda

Special to the Sentinel-Tribune

Bowling Green High School’s Audrey Nester learned along the way everything she needed to know to be the theater department’s stage manager.

Since the high school’s fall 2019 showing of “The Crucible,” she has had the opportunity to serve as stage manager.

“In the beginning of high school, I didn’t know what to get involved in,” Nester said.

“A friend I met in seventh grade cheerleading told me (our freshman year) that the theater department was in need of a stage manager for ‘The Crucible,’ so I have been stage manager since then.”

Nester listed off her favorite theatre productions over the course of her high school career: “Treasure Island” (fall 2021), “Legally Blonde” (spring 2022) and ‘The Little Mermaid” (spring 2023).

Because of her four-year career as BGHS’s stage manager, she has grasped the technical elements of theater and is confident in her skills in the world of theatre.

Before she took the reins as stage manager, Nester had the opportunity to work alongside her predecessor and pick up skills.

“I worked with the stage manager before me. She is good at looking at a situation and solving the problem efficiently,” she said. “You gain the skills you need as you go. You just need someone who is willing to learn.”

Nester noted that there is no specific “mold” an individual would need to fit into to become a stage manager.

“The stage manager needs to convey an idea to a group of people without having to repeat themselves several times,” she said. “I am a very organized person by color coating.”

Nester also noted that theater (especially technical theater) requires you to think on your feet.

“If there is not a solution laid out for me, I will be able to think and problem solve based on the knowledge that I have,” she said.

Nester had a well-rounded high school career being involved in 4-H, theater, the Wood County Leadership Board, Camp Palmer (as counselor), Car Teens (as instructor) and the Ohio 4-H Teen Leadership Council.

During her 13-year tenure in 4-H, she took advantage of several opportunities to be involved.

“The skills I have learned include time management/organization, problem solving, and communication/interview skills,” she said. “With these skills, I am able to move on and become an independent college student.”

Nester’s 4-H skills would allow her to be involved in sewing projects, more STEM-based projects (robotics, rockets), showing goats (in the Wood County Fair), and running for vice president and president of her 4-H club. She is currently an officer for the Wood County Junior Fair Board.

She interviewed and became part of the Ohio 4-H Teen Leadership Council.

“The Ohio 4-H Teen Leadership Council is responsible for planning state-wide 4-H events,” she said. “For example, the Ohio 4-H Conference and events at the Ohio State Fair.”

Nester is the daughter of James and Elizabeth Nester. She plans to attend Miami University (in Oxford, Ohio) in the fall, majoring in biology on the premed track.