Newlove, Marsh: We must invest in our BG schools


To the Editor:

We’re writing to express our support for the ongoing efforts to invest in new schools for the Bowling Green school district. We sit on different sides of the political aisle, and we’ve certainly had our disagreements over the years. But we enthusiastically agree on many local issues, including the importance of schools in our community.

Each generation of our community has an obligation to leave Bowling Green in better shape than we found it. We’re old enough to remember the last time Bowling Green made a significant investment in our school buildings, and we know that the time has come once again to make a similar investment in our future.

We’re proud to support new schools for the Bowling Green community, and we encourage other long-time Bowling Green residents to do the same.

Dick Newlove

Newlove Realty

Mike Marsh

Marsh & Marsh Attorneys

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