BG senior receives public power scholarship

A Bowling Green senior has received a $3,000 scholarship.

American Municipal Power Inc. has awarded Hannah Mathey of Bowling Green one of five 2023 Lyle B. Wright Scholarships.

Wright was a strong public power advocate who served on the AMP Board of Trustees from 1979 until his death in 1986. The $3,000 Wright scholarships are awarded to graduating seniors whose households receive electricity from an AMP member utility.

This year, 32 students were nominated for the Wright Scholarship, and the recipients were selected based on their scholastic records, personal achievements and scores on a test about public power.

Mathey is a graduating senior at Bowling Green High School and plans to attend Bowling Green State University to study political science.

The daughter of Shawn Mathey and Sujin Lee, Mathey is a member of her high school tennis and swim teams, serving as a captain for both; attended Buckeye Girls State; has participated in orchestra and pit orchestra for her school musical; and has volunteered at different events throughout her community.

“Congratulations to Ms. Mathey on her exceptional achievements. On behalf of myself and the AMP Board of Trustees, I wish her the best of luck in her educational pursuits,” said Jolene Thompson, AMP President and CEO. “It is great to have a strong municipal electric community like Bowling Green as home to one of this year’s Wright Scholarship recipients.”

Since 1988, AMP has awarded $468,000 to high school seniors through the AMP Scholarships Program.