The work continues but the message being delivered in the mission and vision statements have been honed for the Wood County Committee on Aging.

The governing board met Wednesday at the Wood County Senior Center with the goal of revisiting both statements. Both were approved by the WCCOA governing board on Aug. 10, 2011, and the mission statement was reaffirmed on April 13, 2016.

The new mission statement is: “The mission of the Wood County Committee on Aging Inc. is to provide older adults with services and programs which empower them to remain independent and improve the quality of their lives.”

The only change is the use of “is,” instead of the previously used “shall be.”

The new vision statement is: “The Wood County Committee on Aging aspires to be the premiere agency for the provision of services for older adults and their families in Wood County.”

“Older adults” was used instead of “senior citizens,” because the board said it more accurately reflected the scope of the group, as well as the more commonly used terminology. “Families” was included because there are many WCCOA programs that involve more than the aging family member.

In other business, President Paul Herringshaw related the story of Pat McCutchin, one of the volunteers with the home-delivered meals program.

McCutchin was delivering and the participant didn’t answer the door. The participant’s son, who was the official contact person, was called.

The son reached out to the parent, who assured him that all was fine. He decided to stop by the house anyway and realized there was an issue.

It turned out his parent was having a medical emergency, in the form of a clogged bile duct. Medical intervention was scheduled for the following day.

“We need to thank Pat McCutchin for being a great volunteer. And, it is a reminder that our home delivery … drivers are the eyes and ears for the agency and the family members of our Home Delivered Meals participants,” Herringshaw said.

Unlike some other counties, the Wood County program is still a five-day-per-week service that is also a face-to-face delivery. When weather conditions prevent delivery, there is still a phone call made to check on the participant.

In other business, the board strategic planning session will be held on July 12 at the W.W. Knight Preserve in Perrysburg.

An survey is in process titled “Board Diversity, Innovation and Effectiveness in Decision Making,” conducted by Bowling Green State University Assistant Professor of Political Science Abhishek Bhati. In addition to background demographic information, the opinion survey includes questions about diversity, inclusion and belonging issues.

“Basically we’re doing a study of the board to see how we can be more inclusive,” Herringshaw said. “It is an opinion survey actually, because we are asking board members of their thoughts about the election process. We’re seeing what we can do to make sure the board is representative of the people we are serving. It’s generally taking a look at ourselves and how we can do a better job.”

The survey results are not expected until later this year. Herringshaw said that it is extensive and that he expects the researchers to interview some of the WCCOA clients and program participants.