Winter weather expected Wednesday; 4-6 inches of snow may fall


The Wood County region will be impacted by a winter weather event Wednesday, according to the Wood County Emergency Management Agency.

Around 3 a.m. Wednesday, freezing rain is expected to start transitioning to snow around 5 a.m. continuing into Thursday. The heaviest snowfall amounts will be late morning through Wednesday evening.

“Reviewing all the data we are getting, National Weather Service confidence is high on at least 4 inches or more of snow. Most estimates are favoring 5-6 inches total for this event,” the EMA said in a Monday release.

“We can expect sometime today to be placed under a Winter Weather Watch. If all goes as expected, we will be placed under a Winter Storm Warning by Wednesday.”


• With the temperatures being near 32F, icy roads can be expected Wednesday morning.

• Snowfall will cause some travel issues on the roads Wednesday morning, providing a false sense of security for the return trip in the afternoon.

• The afternoon commute will be impacted during the heaviest snowfall. The traffic will make it harder for road crews to keep the roads clean.

General precautions:

• If you can, reschedule your plans so you do not need to be traveling Wednesday.

• If you must travel, monitor conditions and road reports.

• Clear your car/ windows of ice and snow before leaving.

• Have you car safety kit ready: food, water, blanket, shovel, sand/ cat litter, reflectors, first aid supplies, flashlight, ice scrapper, jumper cables.

• Keep you cell phone charged.

• Make sure someone knows your estimated route and drive times.

• Keep your fuel tank at least half-full.

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