MILLBURY — There are changes coming to trash collection in Lake Township, with the main provider planning to cancel service.

Police Chief Mark Hummer, who is also the township administrator, said that Republic Services notified township officials on Friday that they will no longer do refuse pickup in the township, as of Jan. 31.

Hummer said residents have always had to sign their own contracts for trash collection.

However, the township for years would bid out a “preferred carrier” agreement that would give residents a good price, he said.

This year, when the contract was bid out — twice — no company submitted a proposal.

Republic did submit a proposal with “drastic changes,” and it was not in compliance with several specifications in the current service agreement, Hummer said. The current services provided have been long standing in past proposals and contracts.

Republic reportedly wanted to be able to increase prices in according with the annual consumer price index change. They were also going to eliminate unlimited bulk pickup and wanted exclusive access to the township, Hummer said.

The township had not bid out the contract that way, so it could not be approved, he said. Calls to negotiate were rebuffed, he said.

“Obviously, the bid didn’t meet the specifications that we put forth,” Hummer said.

He said they also asked for a three or six-month extension of the current contract with Republic, to allow time to explore other options.

“They were not responsive to that,” Hummer said. “We got notice last (week) that they would be sending out a card, explaining that they were no longer the preferred service carrier

“We heard Friday they’re not going to service Lake Township at all,” he said.

Effective Dec. 31, the preferred carrier contract with the township will expire with Republic.

Republic will be picking up subscribers trash/recycling until Jan. 31 and customers will receive a prorated bill.

With 1,700 homes in the township, Hummer expects another company will offer services. They’ve been in talks with Waste Management and Rumpke, he said.

A list of service providers in the area has been posted at

They have also contacted Wood County Solid Waste District to explore options for local recycling.