Bowling Green Mayor Mike Aspacher.

Bowling Green Mayor Mike Aspacher is announcing his plan to seek a second term.

Aspacher was elected mayor in 2019 and will compete his first term of office at the end of 2023. The term for mayor is four years, with the next term running from Jan. 1, 2024 to Dec. 31, 2027. The election will occur in November 2023.

In a release, Aspacher noted the upward trajectory of the community and his commitment to continuing these efforts and fulfilling numerous projects and initiatives in progress.

“It has been a privilege to serve as the mayor of my hometown. in my first term, there have been challenges but also opportunity to invest in the community and encourage others to invest here. I’ve worked hard to listen, learn and understand community priorities, and capture those as part of an aggressive plan to enhance Bowling Green,” he said.

“If elected for an additional term,” Aspacher continued, “I look forward to completing many of the efforts already in process and launching additional opportunities for Bowling Green. I have tremendous community pride, take seriously the responsibility entrusted to me through election to this office, and would be honored to continue serving as mayor. We have much to be proud of here in Bowling Green and I seek to be part of the continuing effort to enrich our town in the years ahead.”

Prior to his term as mayor, Aspacher served on Bowling Green Council for 10 years, including six as president of council, and the Bowling Green City Schools Board of Education for eight years.