Book this holiday tour: Pemberville homes open on Saturday


PEMBERVILLE — The Pemberville Friends of the Library are continuing their tradition of Christmas home tours.

The tours of five area homes will be Saturday from 2-7 p.m. Tickets can be purchased now at the library or at individual homes on the day of the tours for $15. Refreshments will be served at the library during the tour.

Also, through Dec. 16, raffle tickets will be sold for 12-inch decorated theme trees with the children’s book included. The display of trees will be at the library and the winner chosen on Dec. 16. Tickets are $1 or six for $5.

The five homes include:

Kathy and Frank Barrow, 22011 Luckey Road, Luckey

Stephanie and Zach Frobose, 6170 Alexander Road, Pemberville

Kathy and Roger Burtchin, 18215 Wegman Road, Pemberville

Charmagne and Terry Hoepf, 5606 River Road, Pemberville

Margie Shaffer-Otterbein Senior Life, 1007 Tulip Court, Pemberville

The home of Roger and Kathy Burtchin is their retirement home built in 2014. They have lived in Pemberville for 52 years, and lived in an old farmhouse for 40 years where they raised two children, Jenny and Kevin.

This home was on the library Christmas tour in 2005, but now is the residence of their daughter and husband, Jen and Ken Finley.

In their new home that is on the tour this year, they had to find places for all their decorations. As their children were growing up, Roger’s parents gave their grandchildren ornaments from all their vacations. Eventually, they got to take them to their homes when they got married. Kathy has kept that tradition by purchasing ornaments for her grandchildren which adorn a family tree.

A fireplace in the home is nice for decorating for the different holidays. For Christmas they have a Precious Moments Nativity Scene on the hearth with a stable made by Roger. They also have a ceramic sleigh filled with a Santa, wrapped presents and eight wooden reindeer made by Kathy’s father.

Trees are found throughout the home. The living room will have a tree with their favorite ornaments. The patriotic bedroom has a red, white and blue tree. This room also displays quilts made by Kathy. Another bedroom has a snow theme, which is also carried out onto their front porch. Kathy ‘s sewing room displays many quilts.

The highlight of the house might be Roger’s toy room. In this room, there are toy tractors and implements that he has collected over the past 50 years. When the grandchildren were young and asked to see the toys, Roger would say, “You can look, but not touch.”

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