Oestreich will serve as state FFA treasurer


PEMBERVILLE — Eastwood FFA member Katie Oestreich was selected to serve as the 2022-2023 OhioFFA state treasurer.

She is one of the 10 newly elected officers.

To become a state officer, Oestreich had to fill out an application, take a written test, and interview in front of a panel of judges in addition to submitting a letter of recommendation, a video, and written exercises. The process took several weeks and was very rigorous.

She was one of 26 members applying for a spot on the officer team.

At the first session of the 94th state convention, the candidates found out who wasslated. There are two candidates per constitutional office slated.

Oestreich and ShadenHeiser were slated for state treasurer. After the session, delegates stayed and watchedvideos of everyone slated. The videos were about why each candidate desired to serveas a state officer.

On May 6, at the beginning of the final session, the officeswere announced. Oestreichwas announced as state FFA treasurer.

In her year of service, Oestreich will travel around Ohio doing chapter visits, speaking at banquets, training and conducting leadership nights. She will work with the other members of the team throughout the year.

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