West Wooster water, sewer improvement project begins Monday


The West Wooster Street water and sewer improvement project is scheduled to begin on Monday.

This project will involve the replacement of water and sewer mains along West Wooster Street from Church Street to Haskins Road and along Haskins from West Wooster to Wallace Avenue.

In addition to water and sewer mains, this project will replace the water and sewer service lines to the right-of-way line (approximately located on the homeowner side of the sidewalk). After the water and sewer improvements have been completed, the curbs and roadway will be replaced along West Wooster and Haskins throughout the project area.

This project will involve digging in and around various trees. The impacted area has been assessed to determine which trees can be saved. Trees, selected for removal, will be removed in late September. Replacement trees will be planted during the fall 2023 or spring 2024 planting season.

This schedule is dependent upon weather and progress of work. The contract completion date for this project is June 1.

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