Lake Twp. uses CARES money for fire equipment, business grants


MILLBURY — The fire department burned its way through some of more than $430,000 in CARES funding that
was awarded to Lake Township, but there’s enough money left to help small businesses.
At the Oct. 20 meeting, the trustees approved $112,247 for a variety of purchases that will be funded
through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act funding.
The purchases include ultraviolet dome lights for $2,400, Guardian alarm system for both fire stations
for $10,925, a Ferno INX cot/load system for ambulance 734 for $37,395, a Stryker-LUCAS automatic CPR
device for $20,505 and a Stryker LifePak 15 monitor for $41,021.
“Those are all COVID items,” said Fire Chief Bruce Moritz. “Some of these we were looking at anyhow.”
He explained some of the equipment uses and how the CARES funding can be spent for them.
The UV dome lights breaks down the protein on viruses, helping with sterilization.
The alarm helps with less touching on the doors.
The cot helps keep distance from the patient.
The department did have a LUCAS CPR device, but it broke down this year and was going to cost $10,000 for
the repair, Moritz said.
“This now gives us a backup until that machine is back and running,” he said.
The trustees then discussed using other CARES money for small business grants. Walbridge Council
introduced a similar program earlier this fall.
Fiscal Officer Buddy Ritson said there is $225,000 left out of the $430,000 that the township received.

He said that the time frame is tight, but as long as program is started, it extends the time that the
trustees have to spend the CARES money. It has to be encumbered by Nov. 20 and spent by Dec. 30.
“It is feasible,” Ritson said. “It’s just the trustees setting parameters for it.”
Trustee Chairman Jeff Pettit asked if the grants would cover businesses in the villages that are in the
“It could cover Walbridge and Moline, depending on how the trustees set it up,” Ritson said, adding that
it could be limited to the unincorporated area of the township.
The Ohio Township Association has a sample agreement and Ritson said he has talked to Walbridge officials
about how they started the business grant program. He also recommended consulting with the solicitor to
set up everything.
In Walbridge, Ritson said, an application was dropped off at each village business and it was up to them
to fill it out and return it.
“You guys give us the parameters you want and we could do this. It’s your call,” said Police Chief Mark
Hummer, who is also the township administrator.
“If we can spend the money for worthwhile causes, we should do it,” said Trustee Ken Gilsdorf.
He added that this money could help quite a few businesses. For example, there are over 50 in Walbridge.

Hummer also said that he is getting quotes on about $100,000 in other equipment that the CARES money
could be used for in the township.
Also at the meeting, the trustees:
• Approved sending EMS Coordinator Kevin Sanders to the Ohio Fire Chiefs Executive Program, which starts
June 7, for $9,500. The township may be reimbursed if there’s a scholarship awarded. Over a 2 1/2 year
period, sessions have homework and Sanders will have to do a research paper. “It’s the Ohio Fire Chiefs
premiere program,” Moritz said, adding that this is the 21st class. “He’ll be a better administrator for
Sanders has to be accepted before the department can apply for a scholarship. The cost is for the entire
• Authorized $7,227 to Southeastern Equipment Co. Inc., Cambridge, for maintenance repairs to the Case
front end loader used by the road department.
• Voted to spend $4,821 for annual preventive maintenance on the fire department ladder truck. Fallsway
Equipment Company, Akron, did the work.
• Approved spending $$761 for new tires on the FireHawk GT Pursuit police cruiser. They were bought from
Ziegler Tire, Walbridge.
• Heard September department reports. Police made 12 arrests and issued 24 citations. Fire and EMS had
seven fires and 81 EMS runs; there were 111 total runs with 59 people transported to the hospital.
Zoning collected $80. The cemetery had 19 burials and seven cremations.

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