Consigning with Mosaic


What is consignment? – An arrangement between a consignor and a consignment shop to sell your new or like
new items to the public. Please see our guidelines and agreement for more detailed information.
Why consign? Consigning allows you to recycle your acceptable items and earn cash. As opposed to other
sales methods, consigning allows you to put your items directly in front of consumers seeking these
particular items, increasing your likelihood of selling. Unlike donation, you will receive the financial
benefit immediately and often on a larger scale.
Why Mosaic Consignment Studio?
The Market. Mosaic Consignment Studio is located in thriving downtown Bowling Green. We enjoy a unique
market comprised of a bustling town and large university. Your consignments will reach a varied consumer
base greatly enhancing your opportunity to sell.
Value. We offer a 50-50 split and currently do not charge a consignor’s fee, adding to your bottom line.

Atmosphere. Our shop has a charming atmosphere with a diverse inventory and a fantastic location, perfect
for bristling sales. Shoppers know they will have a chance to find something fabulous, at a place they
enjoy visiting. We invite you to come by and see why you should bring your best to us.
Consignment Basics: We are offering a 60 day consignment, 50-50 split with no fees. We set the prices and
everything is subject to discount. At the end of consignment, unsold items can be pulled from the floor
by consignor or becomes property of Mosaic Consignment Studio. We will be offering online consignment
account access. We accept consignments during our regular store hours with a limit of 25 items. Please
see our contract for more details.
We are seeking:

  • New and like new Summer & Fall fashions
  • Apparel, shoes,
    accessories (fine and costume jewelry, handbags, belts, scarves, etc…)
  • Women’s,
    misses, juniors, and girls size 4 and up
  • In style (less than 2 years old, or
    desirable vintage)
  • Name brands and designer labels sell best
  • Ready for the sales floor! Freshly cleaned, wrinkle-free, hangers preferred…we will return
    them to you upon selecting the inventory.
  • Please, NO noticeable wear, stains,
    pills, odors, hair, tears, missing buttons/zippers
  • Please, NO undergarments, bridal
    or prom dresses

Our selection process: We carefully select merchandise for our store. We base our decisions on the
demands of our customers, our current inventory, and our quality guidelines. Please understand that
there will be times that we pass on perfectly good items.

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