Capture of fugitive handled well


To the Editor:
I want to thank the Bowling Green Police Department, Wood County Sheriff and the management at Fairview
Manor for the steps taken in the arrest of Jhon Rosado. Being as I live in the complex, the news shook
us up knowing he was running from the law and worried of how he would react if seen here. I felt he
would end up back here and when the detective knocked on our door and asked us to leave, I was very
nervous and only hoped that the news would be they did find him and no one would be hurt during that
process. Now my daughters and I can rest easy knowing he is in jail where he needs to be.
The officers, detectives and SWAT worked quickly and with management here to make this an uneventful
situation. I’m just very thankful for all those involved.
I appreciate the steps you took to keep us safe. You all did a fantastic job and I truly appreciate how
all of you worked to keep my family safe. Once again, thank you very much!
Christine Wilson
Bowling Green

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