16 people indicted, charges ranging from assault to robbery


Sixteen people were indicted recently by a Wood County grand jury.
Indicted were:
•    Zackary Ahumada, 18, Walbridge: aggravated robbery.
•    Abigail Cary, 37, Bowling Green: felonious assault.
•    Benjamin Cowell, 24, Bowling Green: endangering children, violating a protection order.
•    Rocky Danner, 33, Tiffin: theft (two counts).
•    Dereck Flowers, 35, New Straitsville: possession of heroin.
•    Robert Grilliot, 45, North Baltimore: theft (two counts)
•    Jeffrey Hackl, 49, Rossford: assault, criminal damaging or endangering.
Mansour Issa, 23, Dayton: failure to comply with an order or signal of a police officer.
•    Daniel Jennings, 31, Lima: trafficking in cocaine, possession of cocaine.
•    Roman Kozlowski, 41, Perrysburg: theft.
•    Rodney Markel, 34, North Baltimore: felonious assault.
•    Randall Moore, 36, Whitehouse: breaking and entering (four counts), grand theft, theft (two counts),
grand theft when the property is a firearm or dangerous ordinance, receiving stolen property.
•    Vera Moore, 40, Detroit: grand theft, forgery.
•    Samuel Treichel, 27, Toledo: vandalism (18 counts), breaking and entering (two counts).
•    Robert Vaughn, 34, Perrysburg: breaking and entering, theft.
•    Cynthia Wieczorek, 55, Bowling Green: theft of drugs.
Bills of information were handed up for:
•    Victoria Bartlett, 27, Toledo: receiving stolen property.
•    Diane Kanouh, 49, Perrysburg: possession of drugs.
•    Joshua Sams, 24, Bowling Green: forgery (four counts).

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